I would like to thank you for some of your excellent products. I have been purchasing and using both Essential Coco face and Hands Refreshing Moisturising lotion and Natural Repel Tropical Lotion and both are excellent. I live on the mid north coast where summer bugs mainly mosquitoes are unbearable during December to April. The Natural Repel is used constantly enabling me to enjoy the outdoors. It is shared by friends and guests during entertaining and all agree it is really effective and pleasant to use as well as being soothing.

My grandchildren use it without complaint and cover themselves when fishing in the nearby creek. We love it thank you.

The Face and Hands moisturising lotion is exactly what it claims to be. It is a great moisturiser which I use daily on my face and it is natural which is important to me. I have tried many moisturisers but all effect my sun damaged skin . The Refreshing lotion does not. I love it so thank you all at Healing Essences for these two effective and cherished products
— Cherie

The Essential oils are my go to! I use them for their therapeutic qualities and of course to make our home smell great! The lavender oil is my favourite I use this on my skin as well for calming effects and relief from headaches.

Another great product is the insect repellent! This is a fabulous product and really does work- we have used this overseas in Thailand and Bali where bugs are 1000x worse than Australia, and it really keeps them away - highly recommend it.

Thanks for your amazing products.
— Tess
I’ve been using Healing Essences products for quite a few years now, just enough time to know all their products are fabulous, but two of my favourite products are the Essential Coco body lotion (Kerala Sunset) and the insect repellent spray.

I love how smooth, nourished and healthy my skin feels after applying the lotion.
And the repellent, I really love how effective it is, also how quick and easy it is to apply whilst leaving my skin feeling smooth, hydrated and smelling beautiful at the same time!
— Molly

Nourishing, Soothing. Smells like a warm cup of Chai tea. Spicy, comforting after a long day of work. Great for sore & dry feet, particularly heels, calves, arches. Slightly tingly on skin. Exceeding nice to use straight out of the shower and let soak in over the evening. [One of my favourites]

Refreshing, Moisturizing. Bright, fresh, lemony. Pleasant way to start the day. Makes me think of laundry left to dry in a citrus orchard. After 2 weeks of use, skin on face and arms softer and less dry. Never an oily feel, “just right”. [My absolute favourite! Rationing so it will last.]

ESSENTIAL COCO: Cool, Calm, Balance
Summery, Earthy, Restorative. Smells like clean grass. Centering. Like a meditation or a short afternoon nap. The one I reach for when I get home after a busy day of work and commute in traffic. Also used after a sunburn and environmental-allergy reactions to calm the irritated skin on my face.

ESSENTIAL COCO: Firming/Energizing
Healthy, Soothing. Using at night on neck and arms 1 hour before bed. I sleep better at night since I started using it.
— Modia