Our range of pure essential oils offers a broad selection of Australian oils, as well as the most popular and exotic oils from Pacific and Indian Ocean producers. The oils are sourced directly from the producers and every batch is checked for quality. Healing Essences oils are 100% pure concentrates coming to you direct from the distillery, nothing is added or taken away.

Our Essential Oils are extracted by two principle methods;

- Steam distillation; is the process by which the molecular essence of the oil is extracted. The most complex molecular structure of extracted essential oil has been proven through years of practical use and scientific research to be the magic behind the extraordinary healing qualities of essential oil, making the oils impervious to the myriad mutations of microbes.

- CO2(supercritical fluid) Extraction; The main advantage of this method is that is it non toxic and non flammable. Furthermore, separation of the oil from the raw material is much simpler than with traditional organic solvents resulting in the extraction of more plant molecules. By allowing it to evaporate into the air or recycling it by condensation all potential contaminants are removed. It's advantage over steam distillation is that it functions at a lower temperature which allows for separation of plant waxes from oils and avoids rancidity from overheating.

Therefore; if you’re feeling low, use a few drops of Lemon Scented Eucalyptus (eucalyptus citriadora) in an oil vaporizer or in a bath and feel your spirits lift or if you’re feeling a need to ground yourself, try Budda Wood (eremepholia mitchelli) for an effective re balancing.


Our fascination with scent goes back a long way but has reached more refined levels recently as we honed our aroma senses, discovering and sourcing new and more exotic essential oils and as we explored the infinite world of perfumes.


The most recent result of this process has come to fruition in our range of essential oil based Fragrances. We traveled to each of the terrains after which the fragrances are named and sat with the elements to truly discern the aroma of ‘place’. From this has come essScents, our interpretation of the Australian Desert, Field, Forest, Garden, Orchard and the intangible Spirit of our land.

The essential oils are selected for their molecular effect and combined to truly represent the terrain for which each product is named. Our carrier is fractions of Coconut oil (with 2 fats removed), meaning its light and lovely on the skin with no odour of its own.

Designed as a true ‘eu de toilet’, essScents is oil based rather than French style (in alcohol). essScents is built around the principle of earthy and root base notes, flower and bud top notes and branch and leaf middle notes designed to last from 3 to 5 hours.

Natural Protect at Peace Rock above McCarrs Creek Reserve, NSW Oct 2018

Can an effective outdoor protection product make you feel more beautiful?

Natural Protect offers a comprehensive suite of four formulations, each of which are designed to help protect us from the various elements of weather and nature during outdoor activities.

The premium essential oils, hydrosols and our coconut oil base lotion formula which make up Natural Protect, provide hydration and nourishment to the skin, harmony to our senses and protection from natural irritants.

The unique Aromafield Protection® of Natural Protect acts to shield us from the irritants often encountered in nature while also helping us, at a Molecular level, to harmonize and balance our senses, smell delicious and be naturally beautiful.

We initially made these products for ourselves in 2011. After extensive testing in Australia and the tropics by us and our traveling friends we made the decision, in 2013, to offer them to a wider circle of discerning users.

Australia is vast, with so many climates and challenges that we quickly realized the need for different products with specific ranges of function and use. The beauty of essential oils is that they are dynamic, complex and have a broad spectrum of bio-availability, meaning they function quickly and effectively at many levels. With this in mind and after much experimentation and testing, we arrived at four variations.
Each of which come with specific qualities and functional objectives.
— The HE Team

Essential Coco

Essential Coco is named after places that inspire us, where we have spent time and enjoyed memorable experiences and which have motivated us to create beautiful products. 

From the beginning, we set out to create a range of luxury lotions that are organic, sustainable and crafted to love your skin and senses! We have combined specially selected essential oils designed to have a pleasurable, beneficial effect with our exclusive, luscious Coconut oil lotion.

Whether its; cooling off from a hot sunny day in a lagoon breeze with Lanikai (Oahu, Hawaii) with the essential oil of Peppermint from Tasmania and Aloe Vera or; Refreshing and cleansing with Havannah Bay (Vanuatu) with organic Lemon Myrtle essential oil from Queensland and Rose Hip oil or; Indulging in some eastern fragrances with Kerala (India) in the afternoon with Patchouli, Frankincense from Somali-land and Rose hip or; Spicing things up in the evening with Lombok (Indonesia) with essential oils of Cinnamon, Clove Bud and Ginger; Each product will entertain and satisfy with a sense of luxury as well as hydrate, nourish and refresh.

Healing Essences Apothecary

As our customers and colleagues learn of our work with essential oils and lotions, they ask us to make formulas to cater to more specific needs. In response to these requests, we designed four formulas that are Intense in strength and application;

- Reduce the effects of Hot Flushes with our Wild Yam formula, Cool, Calm & Balance
- Help resolve chronic hot skin conditions with our Golden Seal formula, Restore & Nourish
-Assist in the resolution of stubborn skin lesions with our Blue Cypress formula, Repair & Rejuvenate
- Ease the discomfort of poor circulation in muscle, hands and feet with our Black Pepper formula,  Firming & Energising

Our formulas are rooted in tried and true remedies, well known in Herbal, Aromatherapy and Naturopathic circles as well as conforming to basic principles of Cooling, Heating, Firming, Neutralizing, Dispersing and Calming as used extensively in Traditional Eastern Medicine.