HE43 | Australian Tea Tree Oil


HE43 | Australian Tea Tree Oil

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~ Melaleuca Linariifolia Smithii ~

A tall shrub or small tree growing up to 10 m with a spread of 8 m, it is abundant throughout the coastal district of New South Wales, Australia. It has a wide-spread crown with papery bark and leaves linear to narrow elliptical. When in bloom, the trees are spectacular, with profuse white flowers. Regular coppicing maintains growth as cut foliage.

A large spectrum of action. Used externally on skin. Inhale for problems of the sinus, throat and lungs. It is a common ingredient in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, flavor and fragrance.

Use in oil burner: add a few drops to water. 
Possible skin irritant; Test on small area of skin and dilute if necessary, before use. 

Oil Characteristics:
Oil from this plantation is the freshest available, also the purest and cleanest, delivering an almost colorless oil, clear through, non-viscous and watery. The scent is herbaceous, somewhat green with floral back notes. It is not an intense odor (4-5 on a scale of 1-10). Taste is fragrant and mild.

Chemical Characteristics:
Sample ID Batch # 5

Chemical Profile:
Sample ID Batch # 5

Physical Properties:
Test Result ISO 4730 Range Appearance Conforms Clear mobile without visible water Colour Conforms Colourless to pale yellow Odour Conforms Characteristic Relative density (20degC) 0.894 0.885 - 0.906 Refractive index (20degC) 1.476 1.475 - 1.482 Optical rotation (20degC) + 9.4 +5 deg - +15 deg Miscibility in 85% (v/v) ethanol 20degC 0.7 Less than 2 volumes

Production Method:
Steam Distilled

* Avoid eye area * Do not apply neat/undiluted to skin * Do not take internally * Keep out of reach of children * Not for use during pregnancy/infancy * When in doubt, consult a Registered Aromatherapy Practitioner